Getting Body Art Henna Tattoo Imprinted on the Body

During festivals, marriage or any other parties Indian, Pakistani and Arabic females are found of getting body art henna tattoo imprinted on their hands, legs and arms. This adds to their beauty and moreover is a part of rituals and dress up of a women during festivities. Recently Diwali was celebrated in Dubai by all the Indian nationals and most of them (females/women) got henna tattoo imprinted a day or two before the Diwali celebrations. All of them look good and marvelous which adds to their beauty. The art of body henna tattoo has been centuries old, it was started by Arabs and Mughals which has been carried to modern generation as well. Henna Tattoo is most used during marriages and family get together. To start with lets read out some important and benefits of Body Art Henna Tattoo :- 1.It looks beautiful on body 2.Can be used anywhere on the whole body like neck, foot, back, hands, legs and arms. 3.Beautiful color (dark green) and when its imprinted on body it reflects dark brown color. 4.No harmful effects, infact now a days herbal henna powder is available in the markets. 5.The tattoo gets removed within 5-7 days. 6.The tattoo is 100% natural and does not have any harmful chemicals 7.It is made up of plant leaves so does not have any artificial colors. In short getting a body art henna tattoo is the best to enhance beauty of a women which is always admired by men. Now the question that you would have in mind would be :- how to get Henna Tattoo designs in Dubai or your local area. There are many renowned henna tattoo artist in dubai, such as Poornima Das Mehta, you can find her work here – Body Art Henna Tattoo she has been giving her professional services to various schools and you can avail body art henna tattoo designing courses from her. She would help you to learn and setup your own business in the city of business, Dubai. Yes, you got it right Henna Tattoo can also be taken as a career, after all its an art to design henna tattoo on human body. And if you are able to master this art and take good use of your creative designing skills then you too can be very famous in quick span of time. Coming back to the subject of how beautiful is to have body art henna tattoo’s, to answer this the best way to jot down the answers would be google the images for Bollywood, Arabic and Pakistani actresses in Bridal wear, you would see that they have got henna tattoo’s on their hands and legs which adds to their charm and beauty. Similarly an ordinary women amongst us can get this done and impress their family and husband during festivals and other important occasions. In the end its always advisable to us natural beauty enhancement techniques rather than going for artificial tattoo’s which would have an adverse effect on skin.

Unleash Your Creativity With the Ultimate Body Art – the Art of Tattooing

The art of tattooing is coming into mainstream focus with a lot of regular people and celebrities sporting tattoos. This art which originated in the ancient tribes of the pacific and thereafter found popularity with warriors and sailors has today been accepted as form of creative art. Good tattoo artists worldwide are now highly sought after creative professionals, as tattoos become more & more acceptable in our society. Tattooing is also looked upon a good business opportunity with a potential for high income. However, it has been observed that most aspiring tattoo artists make the mistake of believing that any person with good drawing skills and basic familiarity with the tattoo machine can become a good artist. This, however, is not true. The art of tattooing goes beyond just buying a kit and practicing on their friends. Here are few tips to keep in mind before you think of starting a tattoo business of own: Basic skill set – Creative Talent Tattooing is a form of body art that involves translating drawings from paper on to a person’s skin and this process is non-reversible and permanent. So you need to be able to draw well and understand the fundamentals of drawing. If you have a natural talent to draw, this is a definitely an advantage. However, not all of us have the potential to be Michelangelo. Needless to say, someone who can’t draw or colour inside the lines isn’t going to be a good candidate for being a tattoo artist. ? So before you start out, invest some time in figuring out whether you have the talent to be a creative artist. Or if will be able to gather the requisite skill sets to be good at drawing, either by taking up drawing classes or training in art. ? Build a portfolio of your artworks, so you can showcase your work. Then you are ready for the next step. Formal Training to be an Artist Now that you have decided to be an artist and are fairly confident of your drawing skills, you need to find a master under whom you can apprentice & learn tattooing. Earlier apprenticeships were unstructured and informal learning & practice sessions. However, given the size of tattoo industry and potential career income, it makes sense to enrol for a professional tattoo training course, either conducted by an artist or a tattoo training academy. Moreover, clients today are well informed and would like only like the best for their skin. • Tattoo training under a qualified & respected tattoo artist will provide you with a thorough & professional understanding not only of the fundamentals of drawing, but more importantly should also cover: o Introduction to Tattoo equipment &tattoo supplies o Using & cleaning the tattoo machine o Tattoo design and application o Tattoo hygiene and so on. • Most professional training courses provide you will a flexible time schedule to allow you to learn at a pace you are comfortable with. Make sure that the training course you have enrolled for is well known in the industry and is well structured. • As an apprentice, you will also be expected to be observant. Tattoos are usually personal and unique. So learning by observation will help you in your quest to be a professional tattoo artist in the future. • Finally, training under a well-known artist will only add to your credentials when you start out in the industry. So make an informed choice about your professional tattoo course as it could make or break your career. Financing your Training Tattoo training is expensive if done in the right manner under a formal program with a professional well-known artist. Therefore it is important that you have a steady source of income to finance your training and investment in good tattoo equipment. Moreover, you have to be aware that an apprentice does not get paid during the course of the program. • Unless you have been born with a silver spoon or have a handsome inheritance, most tattoo trainees (and most artists as well) initially have regular day jobs with salaries and pursue their creative interests in tattooing alongside. • It therefore makes sense to be secure financially, as it takes time to establish yourself in the industry. While it is important to be a good artist and put your heart and soul into learning well under a good master, tattooing after all is a business and you need to spend time in understanding the industry and should be in a good position to leverage your skill financially. So invest wisely in a good training program for a bright future. Continuous life-long learning& personality development Tattooing as an industry and as an art form is continuously evolving. New techniques, new tattoo equipment and new artists are always being introduced in this dynamic industry. • As a good tattoo artist, you should always keep learning & improving your skills by observation & study. • Clients today respect a genuine well-informed artist who is also impeccably mannered and groomed. No one wants to get a tattoo made from an artist who is not groomed and professional. • Learn to be polite and respect your client’s outlook and requirements. It always helps to work on yourself, improve your skill set, improve your personality and keep learning to always be at the forefront of this ever changing and demanding industry.